Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Many people wonder if their animals understand what they say.  My answer is absolutely!   While they do not understand every single word we say, keep in mind that you can not communicate in words if you don’t know their meaning.  The meaning of the word is what you project - not the word itself.

Some Communicators receive mostly pictures and/or feelings.  When I communicate with animals I get the majority of information in words.  The ‘message’ is translated into words through my guides.  If the animal has difficulty with a concept, I’ll sometimes get pictures to help me interpret their meaning.  In order to expedite the process and get me on the right path, my guides often give me a vision or symbol that relates to something in my life. 

For example, i was talking to a cat during one of my galleries and my guides sent a ‘picture’ of my dog’s basket of toys.  I was then able to focus in on the cat’s concern about her toys.  While talking to another dog, they sent a vision of a dog I know that is a lovable old goofball and I could feel his personality. 

Some animals are exceptional communicators.  They can cut out the ‘middleman’ and actually show me what they do...almost like watching YouTube! 

So, please do not hesitate to talk to your animal companions.  They’re listening!

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