Tuesday, January 31, 2012



It never ceases to amaze me the amount of love, compassion and caring we receive every day from animals.  They never give up on us, no matter what... because they are accepting and the real basis for unconditional love.  The way we treat animals is a reflection of the way we relate to the world.  If we mistreat the basic aspects of life, we can not cherish life. 

Over the years, I have been sometimes reluctant to share my gift with others.  It's difficult to explain my way out of 'just knowing'.  Because people often hear me verbalizing my side of a conversation with my horse, I'm simply called (ha, ha) the 'lady who talks to horses'.   I was told once by a very sweet, old horse that I just needed to be patient - that they're scared.  "We can communicate in our own way and that is what is important.  They may not be ready so don't be critical - accept the moment"  He told me to just let it happen and more and more people will begin to 'see'.  How incredibly wise this old soul was and what a valuable lesson he taught me.

When I have a conversation with the animals, the information usually comes through to me in words....now and then a picture or a familiar reference is sent if I'm not getting it.  I once asked a horse to slow down because I couldn't write fast enough.  He was so funny!  "Why don't you write faster and why in the world do you need to write it all down anyhow.....why do you do that?"  I explained that it was so I could remember everything.   He replied "OK, I'll slow down, but why can't you remember without writing stuff down?"  The concept amazed him so he told me the secret of 'how to remember things without writing them down'.   'Be patient...just be patient and don't try to do so much all at once'. 

I find it amusing that very often animals will use slang language or actually swear.  Guess where they learned that?  And they do remember...fortunately for us, they live in the 'now' and never carry a grudge.  Sadness sometimes lingers but please do not pity them.  You can show compassion and caring, but nothing shuts an animal down faster that feeling sorry for them.  No matter what they have been through or are going through now, understand that all animals are where they are supposed to be and we do not have the right to interfere with their purpose. 

Live in the light,

Telepathic Animal Communication