Thursday, May 9, 2013


For many reasons, people ask me to connect with pets that have died.  Talking to animals that have crossed over is always a challenge.  Not only is it very emotional for me, it can be difficult for my client.  Timing is very important because it can take anywhere from 4 to 6 six weeks for an animal to complete their journey to the other side

That does not mean that they are stuck, it is just a matter of enough time for a transformation.  If I contact an animal immediately after they die, I get nothing but earthbound information.  By waiting, I am able to achieve a more complete reading.

One of the things that animals in spirit consistently tell me is that there is absolutely no fear in dying.  Unlike people, animals remember the other side throughout their lives.  For them it’s like going home and they want us to understand this.  

And just like on earth, they have a purpose in spirit.  I have talked with many animals that work with children on the other side.  Many greet family members when  they die and others are facilitators for those in spirit.  I personally have facilitators for my animal communication on the other side.

Animals stay with us as long as they are needed and as I have said many times before, all animals are where they are supposed to be.  As difficult as it is to say goodbye to our animal companions, please understand that when their purpose with you has been fulfilled, they must leave.   

Find your quiet place and pay attention….you will realize that they are always around you.