Friday, March 22, 2013


I have a very wise, old cat named Frasier (now 17 years old) who has been with me before.  I know that he is in my life to help me with this journey that I am on - specifically to teach me how important is is to live in the ‘Now”.

Several years ago, when I became concerned about my lack of ability to talk with my own animals, he stepped up.  It was my inability to stay in the present moment for an extended time that became the issue.  He wanted me to know that I could communicate with him every day if I would become disciplined in this awareness.

He got my attention all right - he disappeared!  I was not really worried at first.  After all, it was springtime and the weather was nice.  However, by the second day, I realized that this was not normal behavior for him, so I sat down to meditate.  The message was loud and clear - ‘I’m OK, I left for a reason, but I’ll be back’.

By the fourth and fifth day, my concern started to overshadow his reassurance.  Back to meditate - the message was the same - “I’m OK, I left for a reason, but I’ll be back’.

Well, after the first week went by, I was sitting down every day for this reassurance and realizing that I was, indeed, communicating with my own cat!  That’s great, but how long would this go on? 

By the end of the second week, I was at my wit’s end.  I remember sitting down to meditate just before bedtime and frantically telling him that I had to know if he had passed,  I assured him that I GOT IT!  I knew what I had to do to communicate with him, but I really couldn’t do this any longer.  PLEASE....

Two hours later, I heard a noise.  I got up, and a very self-satisfied Frasier was looking quite well and having a little snack!

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