Tuesday, March 19, 2013


If you ask any animal telepath, they will tell you that the hardest thing to do is to communicate with your own animals....and definitely not for yourself.  All of the people and animals that are in our lives are there for a reason and if you could learn just by asking, our lessons would not be experienced. 

If I have an issue with my own animals, I usually call on a fellow animal communicator to help...it’s much easier and far more productive.  (And it is reciprocal)  When it comes to receiving specific information, I feel that I am too close.  It is hard to be objective because interpretations sometime get confused with my personal feelings.  This is never a problem when I speak with animals that I don’t know and don’t live with. 

This simply reinforces the fact that every animal is in our life for a reason, and the lessons to be learned must be lived. 

Think back to the circumstances that existed when you brought an animal into your life.  Do you think that you made the choice?  Think again.  You were in the right place for a reason...and so was the animal. 


  1. That explains my confusion with communicating with my own! Often my dogs and cats seem to read my mind though!

  2. Its almost like a film between myself and my animals. Its very interesting. I also find that I don't even see (visual seeing) my animals the same as people who are not around them regularly.