Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Not all animals listen to me just because I am talking to them.  And it doesn’t take much for them to shut me down - they just leave.

First of all, they often do not believe me when I express concern over a problem or issue that their owner has with them.  It may not be in their realm of understanding that it could be a problem - what am I talking about??

Sometimes animals are extremely shy and it takes several attempts before they will even acknowledge me.  These are not necessarily animals who have been abused, either, but simply timid or naturally quiet ones. 

Many clients come to me because they want to change a particular behavior.  Well, just for the record, not all animals are going to simply change just because I ask them to.  I often have to bribe them or challenge them just to consider a change.  And other times, just making them aware of the concern does the trick.

This is why, when I do a personal reading, I usually take 2 or 3 days just to become acquainted with the animal before I sit down with the serious questions and concerns.  Usually, by that time, we have covered all of the anxiety and vibrato informally and they are ready to consider seriously talking to me.

The amazing thing is that ultimately, I am usually surprised by the answers!

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